Friday, March 9th, 2018
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Rustom Movie (2016) – Review

Movie: Rustom

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ileana D’Cruz, Esha Gupta, Arjan Bajwa, Kumud Mishra, Pawan Malhotra

Director: Tinu Suresh Desai

Rating: 2.5/5

Story: Rustom Pavri (Akshay Kumar) a naval officer came to know that his wife Cynthia (Ileana D’Cruz) has an affair with a hot and handsome businessman Vikram Makhika (Arjun Bajwa). After confession by Cynthia, Rustom get shattered by her revelation. He murders Vikram by firing three shots.

Review: Rustom Movie is almost based on real life of naval officer the famous K M Nanavati Murder case who killed his wife’s lover in 1959. Movie is not all accurate reflection as the makers have taken some cinematic liberties.

Movie is not that much exciting, In the courtroom the intense scenes has been turned into comic affairs. Akshay Kumar is a backbone in this movie. Ileana D’Cruz is little bit down in compression to Akshay due to lack of chemistry.

In short it is one time watch movie only for Akshay Kumar’s efforts.